Texture Gallery

Below, you will find an alphabetized list of characters, followed by stages, assist trophies and Pokemon, items, and miscellaneous hacks.  After each entry is a list of every texture available for download. Click on an entry’s name or picture to jump to its page, where you will find pictures and download links for every texture available on the forum.


Bowser Bowser

  • Demon Bowser

Giga Bowser

  • Demon Giga Bowser

Captain Falcon

  • Demon Falcon
  • Silver Falcon

Charizard Charizard

  • Murcam Charizard
  • Xeek Charizard
  • Demon Charizard
  • Sykorazard

Falco Falco

  • Demon Falco

Fox Fox

  • The Supreme Robert
  • Fox the Badger
  • Elscotto73 Fox

Ike Ike

  • Aceflamex Ike
  • Demon Ike
  • Darth Vader

Ivysaur Ivysaur

  • Demon Ivysaur

Jigglypuff Jigglypuff

  • Scary Jigglypuff

King Dedede King Dedede

  • Ninja Dedede
  • Santa Dedede

Kirby Kirby

  • Tydye Kirby
  • WaddleDee
  • Fighter Kirby
  • Suplex Kirby
  • Bane Kirby

Link Link

  • Random Link
  • Canadian Link
  • Jackie

Lucario Lucario

  • Normal Lucario
  • Dark Lucario
  • Ice Lucario
  • Gold Lucario
  • True Lucario

Lucas Lucas

  • Emo Lucas

Mario Mario

  • Ice Mario
  • Shadow Mario

Marth Marth

  • Demonslayerx8 Marth
  • Demon Marth
  • Golden Marth

Meta Knight Meta Knight

  • Lime Knight

Ness Ness

  • TJBrawl Ness

Olimar Olimar

  • Alien Olimar
  • Sykolimar

Peach Peach

  • Ice Peach

Pikachu Pikachu

  • Demon Pikachu
  • Shadow Pikachu

Pokemon Trainer Pokemon Trainer

  • Pokefools
  • Demon Trainer

Sheik Sheik

  • Sasuketoo Sheik

Snake Snake

  • Two-Faced Snake

Sonic Sonic

  • Badger Sonic
  • Ice the Hedgehog
  • Classic Sonic

Squirtle Squirtle

  • Demon Squirtle

Toon Link Toon Link

  • Evil Toon Link
  • Silver Toon Link
  • Demon Toon Link

Yoshi Yoshi

  • Demon Yoshi (V2)


Battlefield Battlefield

  • Shadow Battlefield

Final Destination Final Destination

  • Shadow Destination

Frigate Orpheon Frigate Orpheon

  • Shadow Orpheon (Not Available Yet)

Lylat Cruise Lylat Cruise

  • Shadow Cruise (Not Available Yet)

Pirate Ship

  • Shadow Ship

Rumble Falls Rumble Falls

  • SSE Dual Dark Samus Stage – Unknown Base (uses a code to change stage to this stage)

Temple Temple

  • SSE Shadow Bug Bowser Fight – Wasteland

Game Modes

  • All Star Mode
  • Homerun Contest
  • Coin Launcher
  • Subspace Emissary
  • Coin Launcher

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